Anti Acne Facial Kit

Suitable for all skin types. Herbal Acne control facial kit.


Use the products in the sequence given below

La Cura Anti Acne Cleanser, La Cura Anti Acne Scrub, La Cura Diamond Massage Cream, La Cura Anti Acne Gel, La Cura Anti Acne Face Pack, La Cura Anti Acne Serum

Weight: 260gm


Anti Acne Facial kit for Acne control

Special formulation of Herbal Anti Acne facial kit helps in controlling the outburst of acne related issues. Anti Acne facial kit repairs the condition of acne and prevents severe oily skin. It also helps in diminishing the bacteria, thus improving the acne and drying out the excessive oil. In addition to removal of excessive oil, this facial kit also makes your skin radiant and smooth. As a regular follow-up treatment, we recommend daily thorough cleansing, toning and moisturising of your face.


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