Magic Tissue

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Just pour some water, in small quantity, on the Magic
Napkin and you can see it growing it in full size immediately.
You just have to unfold and enjoy it.
Depending on your need you can use hot or cold water for
desirable temperature of tissue

Size: 20cm x 22cm

Number of units: 100

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Magic Tissue

Magic tissue is an innovative product that replaces the traditional usage of normal tissues. The ordinary wet tissue contains preservatives and anti‐bacteria which may cause allergic reactions or other side effects such as rashes and skin diseases to a child or a person with sensitive skin. These preservatives and anti‐bacteria also produce uncomfortable scents and when stored for a length of period the wet tissue may develop bacteria and other fungus.
Magic tissue supplied in a shape of coin; is just like a piece of soft cloth, made from 100% natural pulp. It is degradable and environmental friendly, durable, very soft and hygienic product. As it is fully compressed so it has least chances of developing any germs or fungus or unpleasant smell. You can use this magic coin tissue in different manner and in different situations. It doesn’t even tear down easily like a normal tissue.

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  1. Bhargavi

    Very good and useful product. I was amazed to see what a quality product it is! Best product at best affordable prices…

  2. Dishu

    these are so useful. I loved your products. Prices are also affordable and quality is the best one! Thank you for such good product…

  3. Taruna Jain

    I have been using these since the last couple of months and trust me whe i say that these are better than wet wipes.
    Just take 30-40 drops of water and the “coins” magically absorb them and inflate. The texture of the tissues after being whetted is so much better than traditional wet wipes.These coin tissues don’t irritate your skin as they have a mesh like structure when wet. They remove impurities very well.

  4. Suresh Ram

    I am not believe when i ordered but once i received and add water it is just amazing.Quality is also good.Best for travelling & Party

  5. Riya Anand

    Amazing product. Very useful when traveling.
    Quality is premium. It’s cloth and not paper which I thought. Becomes a small handkerchief large enough to wipe whole face and neck. Doesn’t tear up. Just 2-5ml of water needed to expand it fully. Excellent product. Will order again. Each tablet is in candy pack.

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