Buying Cosmetics: A Dilemma

By: Bhargavi Agrawal

When we think about cleansing, beautifying and enhancing our attractive features, only thing that we bend towards are cosmetics. Although cosmetic products have undergone much advancement during the modern times, the basic concept of cosmetics has not faded yet. But the elevation of the cosmetics is still improving. One can easily find various ayurvedic cosmetics, herbal cosmetics and natural cosmetics in the commercial world around them. To win and choose the best in this surge of cosmetics, one must know what these are actually meant for.


Cosmetics are usually meant to be applied on the face for its beautification. They primarily comes in formulas to suit individual skin textures.

 Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Ayurvedic Cosmetics, initially originated in India, has a system of healing and thus are mainly used as medicinal cosmetics.

Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics are the products formulated using various permissible cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which many herbal ingredients are used for getting a perfectly defined cosmetic benefit.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics, in 21st Century have evolved as the products with synthetic ingredients, and thus losing their indigenous origin. For thousands of years, we have been using natural cosmetics at the price of our health. They may impart the desired result, but at the cost of our soundness.

With the increasing knowledge and awareness, the consumer behaviour is altering and the demand as well as appraisal for ayurvedic and herbal products can be seen. With the emerging needs, natural cosmetics in 21st century have lost its botanical origin. It has marked a question mark on skin safety. Now a days, where everyone is in a race of natural ingredients, there are several ads with false claims to advertise their product. Have you ever thought, whatthe use of ‘asafetida’ (heeng) is as a cosmetic? But still they have been shown as an inclusive product in the skin cosmetics. Various untruthful and erroneous claims make the promotional ads unreliable and misleading.

But all the products can’t be blamed. There are minds, making the “natural” position even stronger and thus accepting the challenge of sustainable and biodegradable cosmetics.

So, keep your eyes and sensors open to the cosmetics to test which one serves you the best!Buying Cosmetics A Dilemma

Herbal Cosmetic Products: Evolution and its Edge over other Products

Have you ever thought how the herbal products came into market? How are herbal products different from natural products? How did they change the consumer behavior towards herbal products? Come, here is the one stop guide for all of your questions.

Ayurveda system has evolved the most in India which later paves a way for Herbal Products. The products strictly following the norms and steps of ayurvedic knowledge was characterized as Ayurvedic and the ones which can use non biotic ingredients to a permissible quantity, with keeping the best effects of natural ingredients were called as Herbal products.

How herbal products came into market?

Due to longer shelf life and customization of natural products for better desired results, people shifted their demands from synthesized products to herbal products. Riding on the growing wave of interest in such products, many manufacturers started manufacturing herbal products to fulfill the demand. Many brands with the product formation of Ayurveda emerged and have also grown at a faster pace.

Herbal products vs Natural products:

Natural products refer to the products which are developed from the plants and several minerals, naturally found in nature. These products may or may not be manufactured in factories. They grow naturally and are being used in their original form. But this does not necessarily mean that they are non-toxic. There are numerous natural products which results in allergies and rashes to people.

Herbal Products are generally derived from plants. They are formulated using traditional and natural medicinal values and are used as a supplement in order to improve health. They are prepared using the various parts of the plants like, leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, stem, etc. and their extracts. They do not involve use of any chemical harmful to human health. They are termed as safe for use as the ingredients are involved in certain proportions which are safe for application and consumption.

Why Herbal Cosmetics?

  • Zero harmful chemicals

They are scientifically formulated which forms a base using different natural ingredients in right proportion which helps in curing skin ailments. They are intended to improve the health and beauty of the skin ranging from sun-tan to acne control to anti-wrinkle effects.

  • No side effects

Herbal products are gaining more popularity these days as the ladies are aware of the need of their skin and prefer such beauty products which are filled with nutrients and have no side effects.

  • Safe to use

It is already been proven by dermatologists that herbal products are safe to use anytime, anywhere. They are hypo allergenic and thus safe to use for every skin type. Thus, they don’t result in rashes or skin allergies or itchiness.

  • Compatible for all skin types

Beautiful ladies with fair or dark skin can rely on herbal cosmetics for enhancing their beauty which feels appropriate for their skin tone. Ladies with oily or dry skin can also use them without any worries as they are already tested and free of any toxic material.

  • Heals the skin

Herbal products have the property of healing, soothing and moisturizing the skin with its natural property. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and are free from chemical fragrances.

So, Herbal products can be safely added in your daily life, because they have edge over natural products, because they have better shelf life, have better desired results due to customization. They are pocket friendly and result oriented to.natural vs herbal Cosmetics

Most fascinating website with stunning features. 

By: Bhargavi Agarwal

I have been scrolling through various e-cosmmerce websites, when I suddenly landed to the site of DrKleenz Laboratories Private Limited, which made me swim into the happy waters of services. DrKleenz Laboratories was established as manufacturer, trader, exporter, importer and supplier of wide range of personal care products.

Their website is an innovative one with the blend of perfect presentation. There are various things that can easily draw one towards it.

Like, just hit a click, and you will land at a place filled with all the marvelous services.Once reached, a buyer can hardly leave without exploring more of its parameters. I must call it an All-in-one store solution. The novelty I found was the facility to chat with the seller and the experts. With an appreciation for simplicity, the company has taken proper care of the customers and their needs.

So, let’s check what I have brought for you from that fascinating visit!!!

Discount Coupons

This is something which we people always look for, hahaha. Discounts! Discounts! Discounts! Not only on bulk purchases, even at single units. I intended to buy an aloevera gel, at listed price of INR 81. But what made me surprised was that I was getting discount on even this much. Then, I noticed, we can have more discounts after purchase of INR 300, 700 and 1500. Wooh! That took me to the rainbow and I placed an initial order of 500. Another best thing before me!

Free shipping

If you end up paying higher shipping charges for your order, then this website is the matchless example of your desires. You will never be charged for transporting, whether you ask them to deliver at Kashmir or at Kanyakumari. Got the best part here!

One land shop station

You wanna compare prices at other sites? No issues, DrKleenz have arranged that too for you! Surprisingly, the site also helps the buyers to compare the prices of the products at other e-commerce websites. You can easily get the link to check, just below the product. So, go ahead and buy the best at cheapest!

Easy return policy

Well, what bothers me a lot, is returning my order, once received. But this site has even solved this. We can easily return our order, if found damaged or wrongly delivered or so. Well, I have not tried, coz the products are so awesome which no one will return.

Easy to use

There is no doubt that DrKleenz has easy to use site building system in the proper aspect. It feels like, everything is being spoon feeded and you just pick some and enjoy using more.

Sorting options

This is something which I have never found on other e commerce sites. We can sort products according to several parameters like popularity, rating, new arrivals and price tags. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose among the best for the best!

Track your order

If you wanna keep a check on your order, then too this website has the best services. Once the order is dispatched, you will be informed and then afterwards, you can track your order easily by being in personal contact with them. Still waiting? Visit now!

Provides FAQ’s

What I have felt is that the site is very much responsive to the doubts and questions of the customers. But still, they have already provided answers to several queries which are frequently asked by customers. You need not worry. Just get yourself clear about them and be their happy customers.

B2B Feature: Institutional support

You know what, I even got to see the most interesting B2B feature for the whole sellers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, NGOs, Govt. institutions and others. These people can submit their queries with them and then, can avail more additional discounts. And the best part is that you can even ask them for planning and spending for your Corporate Social Responsibility Budget (CSR). Isn’t it like a company holding us using the arms of its site to provide everyyyything!! You guys can even get best customized solution with lowest prices here. So check their site “NOW”!!!

All payment modes available here

Ever heard of this at any website? DrKleenz Lab proudly stretches all the modes of payment to avoid the inconvenience caused to any customer.

Referral Coupon Code

And this is again something we couch potatoes crave for. “Earning while Eating!” Shop at DrKleenz, lift your coffee, ask others to buy, and fill your bank account…hahaha…interesting, na! You have to get your referral coupon code from company and have to ask the buyer to put your referral coupon code at the time of purchase and after a fix period you will get your referral earning in your bank account. Even buyer will get some extra discount by this. Yaaay!!!So, once your referral coupon code is used, you need not ask for pocket money holas.

Well, I don’t think they have missed anything for our comfort zone. It is like, service at the door step. Then guys, what else are you waiting for? Just GET SET GO!I can never find a website more equipped than this. All services that we need for convenience is here. Just one click, and everything that pops up, is worth every second. Of course, you will not want to miss this lovable experience with DrKleenz. And guess what! You are just a click away… www.drkleenzlab.com

Happy journey with them guys!Most fascinating website


By: Bhargavi Agrawal

Even Bapu fought for Swadeshi! Then why can’t we? If Gandhi ji, in such compromising and ever struggling situation, can stick to the desi roots, then why can’t we trust and rely on our origin when we have all the best and competing things manufactured at our home?

Is it because we feel that India cannot produce quality? Well, if that is the issue, then we people are wrongfully estimating the competency of our home country.

India, today is at the cusp of paradigm change in its growth and its position in the world. The minds are acting decisively to capture this opportunity. They are thinking big and scaling up rapidly in each and every area, be it education, infrastructure, finance, industry, health and what not! India is heading all of them in the perfect manner. It would be wonderful to let you know that India has spread her roots to many other dignified and advanced nations.

Still not convinced? Okay, then let’s take an example. There are many illnesses which have no cure in allopathy. Their science can’t find answers to those diseases. But, India has already given a permanent Swadeshi cure to those chronic diseases. That too, non-allergic and completely safe for all beings. Then, the concept of beautification- Indian Ayurvedic system has already mentioned about the health and beauty which gives the perfect counter to the Multinational Corporations who search the waters of science for the chemicals to improve the elegance.

And after knowing the importance of the biotic products, the consumer behavior has altered but still not to a satisfying extent. One must be aware of all the damage that “Videshi” companies cause to the host countries.

You might be convinced with the highly celebrity equipped commercial advertisements, but that does not assure the quality and result of the products. If keeping aside the advertisement, you try to ascertain the 360° analysis, you will come to know how much it have been cost to you if you still stick to the foreign enterprises. You will be surprised to know that such Videshi companies can harm the Swadeshi customers by transferring the lower priced goods at higher prices. The money earned by them in India is transferred to the home country which benefits their industries.

Let’s create a scenario, where, you happen to look at a fancy advertisement of a Multinational foreign company. Then you order their product which is an imported one, and end up paying a higher amount. So, finally, you are paying for their branding including advertisement cost, transportation cost, manufacturing cost, factory cost and others. And the worst part is that the foreign companies provide the same quality of product as Indian companies but at higher rates. You might be influenced by their advertisements and elite class MRPs, which might make them look a better product to be used, but this is misleading. Keep your mind open while deciding on such products as they might affect you in short as well as in long run. You of course will not want to throw away your hard earned money on worthless products. Since most Swadeshi companies don’t advertise much, they don’t transfer their marketing and other fancy costs onto their customers.

But, this does not mean that foreign companies don’t provide quality products. The cost of their products are higher because their advertisements cost is higher. It’s a simple concept, higher the cost, higher the price. And domestic products are comparatively cheaper due to non-involvement of their advertisement and importing costs yet providing the same quality at best rates.

Thus, if you buy a Swadeshi product, you not only buy a guaranteed better product, but also support small Swadeshi enterprises to grow which paves the way for economic growth. And utilize the surplus to fill the colors in your dreams.

But, remember that these Videshi companies have their own importance. So, never interpret the so called Videshi companies with a biased perspective. They are called such just because they are not of domestic origin. Being an Indian, we feel proud and over-weening when the achievers of our country acquire their recognition worldwide and then try to grab the foreign market to bring laurels to India. Have you ever thought what they would feel if they are called as Videshies in those countries and thus are not allowed to work thereof. Well, we should treat others just like the way we like to be treated! The concept of Swadeshi-Videshi was formed just to provide a different recognition to all the domestic and foreign countries. This does not mean to employ these terms as arms for art of war.

The idea behind this awareness was just to make you aware about the quality of the products as per their cost. Higher prices “not always” point out to higher quality.

Being Swadeshi may not make you a deshbhakt (patriot), but will surely make you a smart customer. Thus follow Gandhism and live in “The season of Swadeshi”, swiping the rains of “Videshi”!


Swadeshi Vs. Videshi-An Illusion

Miracles of Aloevera Gel


Aloevera Gel is extensively used ingredient in beauty products.  Aloe Vera, can exfoliate, restore, treat, reveal and provide constant, impressive nutrition to the skin.

The natural astringent properties of aloevera gel absorb excess oil, sebum and dirt from the skin pores. Hydrating properties of aloevera gel moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it without making it oily.

Overproduction of sebum or skin oils by the sebaceous glands causes OILY SKIN. Up to a limit it is necessary to moisture your skin but its overproduction may lead to acne and scarring and dull and unattractive skin. Reason for Oily Skin may be Fatty Diet and oily foods/ hormonal problems /genetic/stress, etc.

Aloevera Gel is antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from bacteria and other pathogens which lead to infection and inflammation. It contains substances – gibberellins and polysaccharides – that stimulate the growth of new cells, while glycoproteins reduce the inflammation and redness.


Just feel the texture of aloevera gel on your skin, it is so cool and soothing. It has antiviral and antibacterial and unbelievable healing properties.

It can be used to treat wounds, minor cuts, dry skin and treat tan, sunburn and stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel Contains around 95% water, amino acids, Vitamin A, B, C and E and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing qualities.




  • Apply the Aloe Vera gel onto your sunburn.


  • Many makeup removers contain harsh chemicals that are very drying to your skin. You can use Aloeveragel onto a cotton ball and swipe. Vitamin C present in lemon juice makes it an effective natural astringent that closes the pores present in the skin and lower sebum production.


  • Rosewater helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin which helps to reduce excessive oiliness of the skin and control sebum production by the sebaceous glands.


  • It can be used as facewash for soothing result, Also can be used for dry, cracked feet and As a personal hand sanitizer (mix it with alcohol and any essential oil.


  • If you have oily skin, or if it’s the middle of summer and everything are too sticky and heavy, use straight Aloe Vera Gel as your moisturizer. It absorbs super fast and actually plumps fine lines. Aloe Vera when mixed with Tea Tree Oil it helps in cleansing and removing excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells.


  • For Sensitive Skin: Make a paste of Aloevera gel, cucumber juice, yoghurt and rose oil Apply and leave for around 15 minutes or more and rinse it off thereafter .


  • For Acne: Blend aloevera gel, walnut and Honey and apply on face.


  • Scrub As an exfoliator: Mix Aloevera Gel half cup and Sugar 1 Cup with two tablespoon of Lemon Juice. Stir the three ingredients together and use it to scrub both face and body.


  • Pack for Dry Skin: Make a Paste of Aloevera + Pinch of Turmeric Powder + a Teaspoon of Honey + A Teaspoon of Rose Water. Apply it for 15 minutes or more.


  • Aloe may have some anti-ageing qualities. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and its ability to lighten blemishes, also help it take years off your face.


Note: Pictures used are suggestive and for reference only. 

All the suggestions are compiled and based on the experts suggestions available in public domain.

Miracles of Aloevera



By: Bhargavi Agrawal

Are you beautiful or are you fair? “Getting this beauty tip can help you be as fairer as you want!” These are the some words promising the beautiful ladies to make them more gracious by changing their skin tones.

But, never mistake these words to describe your beauty. You are fascinating in the way you are. Being a white lady won’t make you a beautiful lady. I sometimes think, “Do the print and visual media really affect this much in our lives that we have started thinking about it in the way we never thought it to be?”

If so, then, we need to understand the difference. We don’t want to be fair. We want to be beautiful. Then why are we searching for beauty in the umbrella of fairness? It is because of the pleasure of knowing what we can be and what change will it make if we are fairer. Well, it can be called a fairness obsession. People are obsessed with fairness and a fair skin is thus, considered beautiful here.

Have you ever thought where did it all start? In my opinion, it started from the British era, where we considered them as more advanced and successful due to their skin tones. People consider them beautiful because they are brighter to look at. So, we crave for fairness.

But I think, we are still serving the westerns. May be not as their labors, but still as a slave. Slave for their beauty!!! We have been slaves for thousands of years, by British, by Mughals, by Tughlaqs, by French and the list continues even now, may be not slaving physically, but for sure mentally!

But, all the people on this Earth don’t think the same. They know and they understand what beauty exactly is! Afro people have a dark skin tone and believe me, you can find their ladies more beautiful than other western countries. Being of a fair tone, can help you stand out but may not add up to your features. But being beautiful may not need a fair tone and can make you more confident, so as to bring laurels to yourself.

I want you to pay attention to what is happing near you, as it is surprising for me too, to find that the top beauty products who claim to alter the skin tone to a fairer skin have 1000 crores’ business set up in the African countries. But have you ever find any Afro native to have altering skin tone?

Well, it’s all a trap! Skin as a bait and human as the prey. And here is where you are tricked!

People have a misconception that fair skin can make them look different and can drive the world to them. But they forget that the top scorers and the top leaders were a beauty and not a fair body. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Then you need not to be fair, you need not to be white. You will be mindful, you will be attitudinal, and you will be classy. Beauty is not about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul. Fairness does not promise you positivity. Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from inside out.

Try to be sun with your shine and not the moon with a body white.

So, my readers are now beautiful! And what is making them more beautiful? Their faith, their smile and their positivity. But if you want to enhance yourself, you can rely on cosmetics to an extent. Cosmetics should be relied upon till they are enhancing you but never trust if they claim to alter the tone. Cosmetics can be used to beautify yourself. Use color cosmetics and others to add color to your lives. Be as charming as you can in a wedding or a function. Adore yourself with colours and your confidence. And that is enough for your beautification.

Your “smile” acts as an ornament to your “beauty”. Go ahead with them to win the whole world. Crave for beauty, but don’t move towards the beast.


Fairometer of Beauty by Bhargavi

Nature is our Mother: Are We Her Children?

By: Bhargavi Agrawal

Everything that rolls around is something we are fond of! Trees laugh, flowers blush, rivers sing, stars wink, wind swings. All of them accompanies us in every journey of love and admire. They accept us in every color of sadness and happiness. But, are we accepting them as the way they are? Are we allowing them to sustain with us in every aspect of our lives? When I sat to think about it, the truth that lied behind has taken me aback.

The answer that nature gave me was something like “Insidious”, haunting but never ending! And she demanded me an answer. So, here I am, with her bleeding letter to you, trying to find out the answers to wipe her tears.

We need to think, what are we doing to our environment? Why are we destroying it for our convenience? Why are we hurting it to keep ourselves in couch? And the answer to all these questions, disturbed me. Nature never hurts us, even when we hurt nature. But, everything in excess is opposed by nature.

And this is the sole reason why we face natural disasters. Trying to alter the space of nature will surely lead to a devastating act of divine authority to ask for the rights of appliance. The divine power, the great God, has given everything in this universe a space. A space, enough for us to live happily. But, no, we wanted more, so we destroyed more! And thus, we are suffering more! I asked this to nature. And she answered me the way I have never thought it to be! Let’s see what she cried out.

Nature is beautiful. Then why are we trying to swipe its charm away to make ourselves shine? Is this what we call modernization? Is this what we call civilization? For us, civilization is something that turns the tables upside down, and so does with our nature too!!!

Carrying a polythene bag can make us look civilized, but carrying a cloth bag can make us look smart. Smart for nature! Smart for future! Well, of course, I don’t want to touch that plastic-cloth debate…but I want to make all my readers, the smart readers. And I am happy to see your small step towards smartness, and that is- “Reading me in your gadget than using the papers”. Well, I would love to find more like you.J

Not only bags, we need to look for alternatives to other things, like, your vehicle, your food, your beauty products, and let’s not miss, your garbage too.

Switching to a public transport may be tiring, but opting for car pool is a good option for saving environment and saving your money too 😉 Well, I’ll be happy if my advice can help you find more companions.

Shifting to green and healthy food can help you turn organic towards nature. Your pizzas, burgers, spring rolls, momos, noodles may or may harm you but their disposal and their ingredients will surely harm our mother nature. The way they are cooked, the raw and synthesized ingredients and the way left over is disposed, can deteriorate the present condition. You may not miss your tangy taste, but can make them look healthier for nature. Ask the vendors to use dustbins, gloves, paper plates and mosquito nets to serve a green junky!

And, dear ladies, your beauty products can make you look beautiful, but can snatch the beauty of Earth. Mother Earth asks your pimples and blackheads to use herbals. Using chemicals can indirectly harm surroundings as their washing off in drains can lead to severe environmental issues. Use natural to be natural and serve the nature!

And now, reducing the best part, your garbage! There are different garbage- Wet and Dry, Degradable and Non-Degradable, Infectious and Non-Infectious, Recyclable and Non-Recyclable, Biotic and Non-Biotic…and the list includes more such! But here, I am not your Science teacher. But your Green Environment companion! This is to tell you how to deal with your stuff. You may feel uncomfortable while travelling when you find any wet garbage in your car. And that is something similar when environmentalists find non degradable and abiotic wastes in nature. We all want our houses clean. Then why don’t we keep the house of animals free of such shits? Is it because they are not humans? Or do we not consider them as living beings? Well, then, dear so called living beings, let’s not forget that the animals and plants also share the place with us. We need to treat them like we treat ourselves. God made humans to think like humans, and not like a heartless creature. Who are we to decide the space of other creatures! Give them a place, a place to live, a place free of garbage.

God has colored this beautiful creation. We can’t be God. But we can be his preservatives. Preserving his drawings from splitting with wastes and pollution. Global warming may bring heat to melt his colors into vain. And then, there will be nothing! Nothing to enjoy! Nothing to color beautifully! Just heat and smoke, taking the lives of many…

The greatest example I can give that has surprised me in a great sense is of human body. God is so cautious of not generating the wastes that he has made our body in the way that does not cause any pollutants to nature. The living creatures are made up of 5 elements, namely, earth, water, fire, air and space. When died, our bodies never create pollution as these elements vanish in the nature. So, if this much complex form can magically vanish from this earth without any stain in the universe, then why can’t we, with such great minds and technologies find the ways out to reduce the ever collecting wastes and ever increasing pollution in the world.

But you need not worry, dear readers. I am not asking you to invent the Doraemon pocket to get the gadgets out, but requesting you to think of this issue and find the ways out at the individual level to cure the mother Earth. Small steps on your part can lead to a longer path of beauty and benefit of nature.

Our tendency of taking the available things for granted should be altered and we should understand the beauty of mother Earth. Not going to the discussion of Sustainable Development here, I am just asking you to be more “selfish” and think about the future of your  children, where, they will have no water parks, no air balloons, no cars, no AC’s, no gardens, no flowers. They will be left in a world of machines and garbage, where, they will carry their oxygen mask and heavy oxygen cylinders on their bicycles to travel. Small changes on our part can bring a bright and green future.

Let’s not make the place a hell to die in, but the heaven to live.

It’s all about a small step a day! Laughing of trees, blushing of flowers, singing of rivers, winking of stars and swinging of wind will not be a fairy tale for our tiny tots.

{A CSR initiative by Dr Kleenz Laboratories Private limited}


Nature is our mother (CSR initiative)

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